ISO Policy/Quality Control

ISO Policy/Quality Control

Quality must be protected for our customers to enjoy.

However brilliant a product may seem, if it doesn't stand by the viewpoint of the customer's wishes and the people who use it, then it will not make them happy.

The Quality Guarantee Department considers it possible to deliver products that combine both "quality that must be protected" and "quality that understands customers and makes them happy," so we make many decisions based on this.

Materials are handled in controlled conditions for our quality control operations, and we endeavor to understand the situation in order to carry out processes and turn concepts into products.

From various data and accumulated knowledge, we survey aspects that we sense are "different to usual," exchange information and opinions with each department, and work hard to maintain the production of stable and secure products.

In the unlikely event that there is an issue with a product or we receive a request from a customer, we will respond thoroughly and promptly based on the actual article and daily records.

Incidents are subject to investigation of the causes, and tasks are discussed and solution methods are presented across departments to prevent recurrence.

Daily Control

We perform necessary checks and inspections at all stages, from receiving raw materials to the shipment of goods.

We aim to execute checks under the observation of an oral care specialist, utilize accumulated data, respond promptly to abnormalities, carry out preventative measures, and manufacture in a way that makes it unlikely for defects to occur.

Hygiene and Insect Repellent Control


Many of our customers are doctors or people who handle pharmaceutical products, and domestic toothbrush sundries are utensils that go inside the mouth, so hygiene is of utmost importance.

In the case of TAIYO BRUSH, we endeavor to maintain great awareness through independent control while receiving advice from external agencies, and our clothing and admission controls are comparable to those in a food factory. Further, we carry out measures to prevent the mixing of foreign substances derived from living organisms and so forth.

Prevention, Improvement, and Security Activities

For consumers, toothbrushes are something used every day without much thought, and they are unconsciously expecting to be able to use a safe toothbrush without noticing anything. In order to respond to this expectation, we are working hard to build quality inspection activity and secure peace of mind by responding to points of change, everyday preventions, and times of improvement.

Regarding our customers, if we are able to receive their image and requests, such as wanting things done a certain way or hoping the product will turn out a certain way, then we will conduct verification activities to realize such matters.
In reality, it is not always the case that every condition can be fulfilled, but we will try our best to challenge such matters by discussing with technicians on site methods for improvement, measurement verifications, and so forth.
We wish to be a trustworthy Quality Guarantee Department that can support customers when they have an issue.

Initiatives for Quality Management

We have acquired the certification of ISO9001, and we carry out monthly improvement reports of the quality control management system and share quality information in an effort to continuously improve.
We also carry out recurrence prevention checks through internal inspections as a means of training our personnel and validating our system and quality defects.

Along with our quality policy, we also have various mechanisms and operation flows prepared, and we are working hard to gradually fit these into our company year by year.
We carry out a review and refine our system every fiscal year in order to build a structure that can deliver an even better company and better controlled craftsmanship.


Inspection System

There are various measuring devices in the measuring room and many purposes for measuring.

We are able to handle anything from set measurements, including industry standards such as laws, JIS, and industrial associations' independent standards, as well as overseas demands and product demands from customers, to individual and original measurements.

We calibrate measuring devices related to product quality and guarantee measurement results.

We also carry out dimensional measurements of conditions that are difficult to discern by visual inspection or with simple images.

We utilize microscopy to confirm the processed conditions of toothbrush bristle ends and raw materials.
We also give feedback to sites about matters that we have come to understand and use this to help us make improvements.

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