Vietnam Factory Introduction

Vietnam Factory Introduction

The TAIYO BRUSH Vietnam Factory was established
with the intention of "retaining the same Japanese quality."

TAIYO BRUSH Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that produces OEM oral care products, such as toothbrushes and interdental brushes.
We have earned the trust of many customers and accumulated a whole host of achievements.
We aim to provide our toothbrushes to people all over the world, including Southeast Asia.

Vietnam Factory Overview

Air Shower

It is essential for everyone to pass through the air shower when entering in order to prevent foreign substances from being brought into the factory.

After passing through the air shower, an adhesive roller is also attached.
Countermeasures are carried out thoroughly against the mixing of foreign substances or hair.

Bristle Tufting and Cutting Area

Toothbrushes are manufactured with the same equipment as the TAIYO BRUSH Head Office (Japan).

Packaging Area

This production line supports the packaging shape (blister pack) that is sold at supermarkets, drugstores, and the like.
A visual inspection is carried out on each toothbrush after packaging.

GALLERY Vietnam Factory Gallery

Commuting to Work Scene (Scooters)

Most of the employees travel to and from work by scooter.
Rush hour is a spectacle to behold and something that we're not used to seeing in Japan.

Office Work Scene

Lunch Scene


The warehouse is fully equipped with sheet shutters that protect against insects from outside entering.

Quality Control

We are able to securely deliver high-quality products thanks to our thorough quality control.

It has the "same equipment as Japan," the "same inspection standards as Japan," and is "controlled the same as Japan," realizing uncompromised craftmanship.
The products manufactured at the TAIYO BRUSH Vietnam Factory have numerous achievements, not only in Vietnam but also in the Japanese market.

Inspection Devices

Bristle Pulling Strength Measuring Device

This inspection device measures the difficulty (strength) of pulling bristles.
At the beginning (breaks included) of each production lot, standards are checked to see if they pass and if there are any abnormalities.

Digital Micrometer

This measuring device is mainly used for flat line dimensional measurements.
It is used at the same frequency as the "bristle pulling strength measuring device."
It is an essential measuring device for daily control.

Vietnam Staff Introduction


She joined the company at its founding in 2014. She has experience in managing quality control and became the corporate representative for Vietnam in 2022.

I have been working at TAIYO BRUSH Vietnam since its founding.

From the outset, I have been carrying out factory management operations and quality control. In particular, I negotiate with suppliers and each ministry and government office, and I interpret Japanese.

I am currently also managing the whole of manufacturing.
Our mission is to provide Japanese-quality toothbrushes, and in order to realize resolutions to daily issues and ensure stable production, I make contact with staff at the head office and apply it to the Vietnamese corporation.

We are making strenuous efforts every day so that we can spread our products in Vietnam, deliver high-quality products to Vietnamese people, and contribute to their healthy teeth.


He joined the company in 2015 as a bristle tuft processing technician for the manufacturing department. In 2023, he became the lead bristle tuft processing technician.

I am in charge of maintenance for the bristle tufting machines.
I have received training from Japanese technicians at the Vietnam factory and head office. I am now responsible for re-modeling of all varieties, machine adjustments, and so forth.

Aside from daily adjustments, I am working hard on experiments for new products, stabilizing the rate of loss, and more.

I am so happy that I can experience a sense of achievement when we are successful in things like launching new products and when the rate of loss is stabilized.

My aim is to maintain quality, receive zero claims every year, and have everyone in Vietnam use Japanese-quality toothbrushes.

TAIYO BRUSH Vietnam Achievement

November 2014
Deliveries commence for own brand "SunPearl"
January 2016
Launch of kids toothbrushes using own brand "Doraemon"
June 2020
Launch of toddler toothbrushes using own brand "Doraemon"
November 2022
Launch of Head Office's own brand "mon seule" at local Vietnamese retailers
April 2023
Local specification package renewal of Head Office's own brand "mon seule"
Own brand "SunPearl"
Own brand kids toothbrushes
Own brand toddler toothbrushes
Own brand "mon seule"

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