Company Profile

Company Profile

Aiming to be a company with technology that circulates around the world

The toothbrush market is said to continue to have stable growth. However, consumer demands are by no means stable. Amid the interest in health and heightened awareness of oral care, everyone demands products of higher quality and precision and a "toothbrush that suits them." It is expected that such trends will strengthen increasingly.

We have certainly created products that keep us ahead of the curve with our proprietary technology and flexible manufacturing structure. However, it is critical that we further improve our technology from here on so that we can continue to support diverse needs. First, we will strengthen our internal personnel and facilities in the technology department and develop products of greater specialization, such as for the elderly and infants, for operations and medical use, and for pets. Next, we will look to spread high-quality and authentic products overseas. These are our current goals.

For TAIYO BRUSH to be a "company with world-leading technology," I would like for all employees to continue to work together and build up their efforts and creative originality. Also, in the future, I have a strong desire to make the most of our technology developed from toothbrushes and advance into different areas of business.

Terunori Ogura ,
Representative Director of TAIYO BRUSH Co., Ltd.

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