Features of Our Company

Features of Our Company

Our passion is poured into every toothbrush,
and we create products ahead of their time.

TAIYO BRUSH Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer that produces OEM oral care products, such as toothbrushes and interdental brushes.
We have earned the trust of many customers and accumulated a whole host of achievements.

About Our OEM

Factory scale

Head Office Factory
Vietnam Factory

Number of toothbrushes shipped yearly

Head Office Factory

Number of equipment

Head Office Factory
Bristle tufting machine Several dozen Japanese made equipment/Several dozen overseas made equipment
Bristle cutter machine Several dozen
Bristle tufting + cutter clutch Several
Packaging machine Several blister machines/Several cartoning machines
Interdental brush manufacturing machines Several
Vietnam Factory
Bristle tufting machine Several overseas made equipment
Bristle tufting + cutter clutch Several
Packaging machine Several blister machines

Production capability

Head Office Factory
23,289brushes per hour

Number of products
(2022: Head Office Factory)


Toothbrush specifications

Thinness of head section (thinnest) 2.5mm
Size of bristle tuft holes Smallest: φ1.0/Largest: φ3.6
Number of tuft holes Least: 1 hole/Greatest: 112 holes

Market claim occurrence rate
(2022: Head Office Factory) *Occurrence rate caused by our company

0.1 Ppm(one toothbrush in 10 million)

Founded in 1923, We Are a Well-established Manufacturer That Has Supported the Evolution of Toothbrushes

TAIYO BRUSH was founded in 1923. We realized mass production of toothbrushes, which was carried out by hand at the time, and since then we have continued to contribute to the spread of high-quality toothbrushes by gradually developing automatic machines. However, we have encountered countless trials during our longstanding business history. Despite this, we managed to overcome such hardships and have survived for many years thanks to our technical abilities, planning and development strengths, and high-quality products.

The Eminence in Shadow, Boasting an Industry-Leading Domestic Share

There may not be so many people who know the name of “TAIYO BRUSH.” However, there are many toothbrush products that we manufacture that everyone will know about. The toothbrushes that you happen to see at the supermarket, drugstore, and dentist, or that perhaps you've used, might well be “made by TAIYO BRUSH.”

It is precisely because we have a production system in place that can meet expectations of technology, quality, and cost, as well as customer needs, that we receive orders from a large number of clients.

High Technical Abilities That Realize Customer Needs

As times change, the specifications of toothbrushes also change greatly. We are able to meet all kinds of needs, including toothbrushes with wide and thin heads, toothbrushes with many bristles, and soft toothbrushes that use thin bristles.

We are always considering the (skill of moving ahead to the *toe surface), and this concept is what forms the basis of our toothbrush technology.

*Toe surface: If it’s “one step” ahead, then the risk is huge.
If it seems that the (toe surface) is dangerous, then it will be retracted.

Our Research and Technology Realize Needs

While it is important to research technology that hasn’t yet been realized, it is also essential to improve upon the technology that already exists.

“How can we make it hard for bristles to fall out?”

”How can we make bristle ends even more rounded?”

”How can we arrange the bristle ends neatly?”

These are basic technologies for toothbrushes, but improving such precision is what supports the quality of our toothbrushes.

Research and Development That Continuously Strives to Meet Customer Needs

In addition to our know-how that has accumulated over a span of more than 100 years, we are applying new technologies and continuing to challenge new possibilities.
We are advancing our research in order to provide excellent products to customers, such as by carrying out material surveys and selection, product design, and equipment development.

Thin Head Toothbrushes with Transparent Resin

The appearance of transparent resin (PET (polyethylene terephthalate)-based) is beautiful, and the design is high-quality, but it isn’t as strong as a standard resin (PP (polypropylene)-based).
However, we have utilized transparent resin and developed a “thin head toothbrush.” We devised plans based on the selection of the most important resins and our past knowledge to increase the bending strength, which achieved a combination of “clear resin designability” and “thin head functionality.”

High-quality Products That Realize Customer Needs

At TAIYO BRUSH, we believe that “quality control” holds the utmost importance. Our toothbrushes are used every day by men and women of all ages, so we endeavor to provide products that can be used with peace of mind.

Quality Craftsmanship Begins with “Design”...

Of course, we implement routine quality control, but we also expose risks from the design stage to the development stage, carry out repeated experiments and evaluations, and determine specifications.

“Quality craftsmanship begins with design” is our concept for quality control.

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