OEM Business

OEM Business

We manufacture products to meet customer demands.

From oral care product planning, model design,
and experiments to mass production, our one-stop system takes care of everything.
We also handle package planning and design when necessary.

About Our OEM

Creation of Design Proposal

Even if such things as the handle design haven’t been decided, please don't hesitate to contact us. After holding an in-depth consultation, we will make a proposition based on market needs.

Decide Design and Specification

We have more than 100 years of experience manufacturing toothbrushes.
We deliver optimized proposals based on our achievements and experience.

Experiments and Evaluation

We repeat our experiments and evaluations until our customers are satisfied. Regarding evaluation, it is carried out in accordance with JIS standards, so you can proceed with mass production with peace of mind.

Mass Production and Delivery

Mass production can begin once the specifications are decided. We perform evaluations once again when mass production starts.
*There are no compromises in the quality of our toothbrushes.
We put our hearts into producing each and every toothbrush.

OEM Flow


Contact us

Please feel free to contact us through the contact form.
Inquiries are welcome at any stage, even if the specifications and so forth haven’t been determined at all.
Our sales representatives will handle your inquiries wholeheartedly.



We are willing to make proposals based on other companies’ cases, market trends, and the like.


Sample Making and Estimates

We produce samples in accordance with customer demands.
We have a CAD system and 3D printers, so you can actually handle samples for real and get an image of the product. Regarding estimates, even if the specifications haven't been decided, we present "rough estimates," so please feel free to make a request.


Orders Received

We will take formal orders provided you are satisfied with the quality, cost, and delivery time.



Leave everything to us and feel peace of mind in our craftsmanship, which is meticulous in its material selection, has technology that has accumulated for more than 100 years, has thorough quality control, and makes no compromises.


Delivery of Goods

We deliver products to the place of delivery at the time scheduled in advance.

Support System

Design Proposal

If you are concerned about such things as the design of the handle or packaging, we can introduce you to a designer who can offer support and propose various designs.

Raw Material Selection

We can make proposals for bristles, flat lines, packaging, and all kinds of materials, utilizing our network of specialized manufacturers, regardless of whether they are domestic or overseas.

Product Specification Proposal

In the case that detailed specifications aren't decided, but you more or less know what kind of toothbrush you'd like to create, then we are happy to make proposals.
For example, if you are able to inform us of the intended purpose, such as "a toothbrush that removes dirt properly" or "a toothbrush that can massage gums," then we can propose specific specifications.

Model (Mock-up) Preparations

We have a CAD system and 3D printers, so if you'd like to confirm the shape of the handle, we can create a mock-up. You can handle the toothbrush for real and review it.

Our Achievements

Our OEM business supports customers not only for a single order but also aims to build a lasting relationship.
"By going even just slightly above customer expectations, it increases their level of satisfaction."
We believe this accumulation can lead to relationships of five, ten, and thirty years.

Case.01 Pharmaceutical Company "A"

A company famous for toothpaste that had its toothbrushes manufactured and sold by another company contacted us because it wanted to release a special kind of toothbrush.
In response to the customer's desire to "sell a thin toothbrush with a wide head," we worked hard on figuring out how much thinner we could make the head.
We established the optimum specifications by carefully selecting the materials and working out detailed parts of the design, as well as carrying out repeated experiments and evaluations. As a result, we were able to deliver toothbrushes that the customer was satisfied with.
Following this, Company "A" contacted us again, wanting "to create a toothbrush with an impact that hasn't been seen before." We made repeated proposals and increased its lineup to more than 10 varieties, and we have been doing business together for more than 10 years.
It is currently requesting "high-quality toothbrushes at a reasonable rate," so we are producing them at our factory in Vietnam.

Case.02 Dental Material Manufacturer "B"

We received a request from an industry-leading dental material manufacturer that wanted to put its effort into preventative dentistry, so we supported them from the toothbrush development stage. Company "B," with its knowledge of dentistry and our knowledge of toothbrushes, collaborated, and we have developed approximately 50 types of toothbrushes for dentistry. We receive favorable reception from patients who use anything from basic-spec toothbrushes all the way to toothbrushes with "high functionality and design," which is rare in dentistry.
People who purchase toothbrushes at dental clinics are especially aware of oral care and are very particular when it comes to toothbrushes, so we are meticulous in our manufacturing with minute details, such as how to round the bristle ends and arrange them.
We have been in business together for more than 40 years, and we believe that Company "B" can feel peace of mind in entrusting the production of toothbrushes to us because it recognizes the quality of our products.

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