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Propagandize Japanese quality to the world

Our goal is via manufacturing high quality products to contribute to developing a diverse and comfortable society in the world. TAIYO BRUSH VIETNAM stably provides high quality products to the world based on the management system with Japanese engineers who regularly engage in manufacturing activities.

About regulations on quality control of Taiyo Brush

Mission of a manufacturer like us is to raise the quality of products and meet the trust of customers and society. TAIYO BRUSH VIETNAM is making great efforts to manage daily product quality, based on the following motto.

<Quality motto>

  • Commitment to quality priority and provision of “brush” products that live up to the trust of customers and society.
  • Utilization of harmony of human beings to create a good and friendly working environment
  • Development of quality standards, performance of manipulation, management and evaluation by the whole staff.
  • Attempts to produce better “brushes” with continuous improvement.

By carrying out 3 mottos above, we organize balanced business activities between「prosperity of the company」and「happiness of employees」

Hygiene mângement

  • Follow the sequence of instructions in Japan. Hand washing is a basic operation in hygiene management.

  • After hand washing, sterilize with alcohol.

  • Remove dust on clothes with an air shower

  • To persistent dust that cannot be removed with an air shower, remove it with a sticky roller.

  • Catch insects with an insect killer.

  • Arrange 2-layer doors at the entrance and exist of the factory. They will prevent the penetration of dust to the inside.

 Efforts before starting work

Each employee of our company makes great efforts to implement the following works as one of the quality control stages.

(1) Before entering the factory, wash hands, sterilize with alcohol, and have a bath with an air shower.
(2) Then remove dust on clothes with a sticky roller.

Until toothbrush is created


The company is driving towards sites that use special protective work clothing.

Strict hygiene management, namely careful hand washing, disinfection with alcohol, etc.

Removal of dust that normally cannot be done by going through Air Shower. Removal of dust that has been attached for a long time and cannot be done by using Air Shower, by means of a Dust Adhesive Roller.

Input goods are checked against the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards).

The attachement of brush to tooth brush handle is performed by using a speacialized purpose machine Press to replay the movie ※

After attachement of brush to tooth brush handle, the brush shall be cut into lengths and shapes in accordance with standards.

Then , toothbrush will be checked by the inspectors.

Finally, final check is performed before packing.

Product release.