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The vision of Taiyo Brush Group

With the leading engineering and technology of 
brushes, our goal is to make products to be the 
world's proud.

Taiyo Brush Group is a Japanese manufacturer that produces oral and dental care products.
Established in 1923, with unique look, we have created so many high-quality products.
Currently, toothbrushes used in Japan named「12 in one」are manufactured by Taiyo Brush Group.


We bring high quality products when manufacturing
 oral and dental care products.

The reason that we have always maintained a high rate of market share in Japanese toothbrush market is we are always meticulous to meet the diverse needs of customers.
Of course, we can also meet big OEM orders of high-quality oral and dental care products. We aim at the most optimal original products, and are willing to be able to manufacture, so if you have any needs, please do not hesitate to tell us.
In near future, with leading technology in the field of manufacturing toothbrushes, we provide products with high added value, in order to meet customer’s trust, and above all large Japanese household utensil manufacturers.
We desire to bring you a conformable spirit and a healthy oral environment. Moreover, we desire to help you be able to enjoy delicious food with a solid and healthy denture, and a feeling of cheeriness, healthiness and long life.
We bear it in mind every day and are constantly trying to develop new products to serve you.
In the future, we will take advantage of the leading technology of manufacturing toothbrushes to continuously expand the market share that our products hold to the world.


Technical capacity of Taiyo Brush Group

We think nothing is「Impossible」but「How it can be done」
It’s our business philosophy, Taiyo Brush Group.

Taiyo Brush Group often creates new oral and dental care products to suit recent needs. In particular, we appreciate『the attitude of seeking new possibilities every day』. The entire membership of our company has radical thinking「how new products are to be good」, is daily making efforts in studying and developing to realize such plan.
In recent years, we have been daring to manufacture new products by utilizing 3D printers in making sample products. And the thought that nothing is 「impossible」 but「how it can be done」is our business philosophy.
We now equip high-performance machinery and equipment for our factory, but it is not to satisfy existing technical capacity. We are very ambitious in the future, with a goal to further enhance our technical and technological capacity.


The factory in Vietnam has begun manufacture since 2014, we have manufactured many products for Japan, Vietnam and ASEAN countries. We can develop and manufacture new products requested by our customers based on our comprehensive quality control system.

From developing products to manufacturing products suitable with local needs. OEM of oral and dental care products, please trust us.

Currently, the number of toothbrushes in Vietnamese market where our company’s factory is located is one hundred million ones per year, the number of toothbrushes used in a year per person is 1 piece. Also, in Vietnam, the number of children with decaying teeth is high, this number among children aged 6~8 is 25%, children aged 9~11 is 54%, children aged 15~17 is 68.6%
Realizing the above situation, TAIYO BRUSH VIETNAM not only pays attention to toothbrushes for adults but also begins to manufacture toothbrushes for children. Moreover, we are trying to help the oral environment maintained in normal conditions by organizing classes on brushing teeth.
We do hope that on some day we shall help all Vietnamese have a high sense of oral care.
Our company develops and produces a variety of products. Thus, if you are finding references for your business in oral care products, please refer to our company.