With weapon of the leading technical and technological 
strength in brush manufacturing sector, 
Our Taiyo Brush is now approaching foreign markets.

Over 90 years of success and achievements, Taiyo Brush will keep on maintaining the Japanese quality.

With high-tech capability and the strategies for mobilizing the entire workforce from senior technicians to young employees, Taiyo Brush has launched various products in conformity with the trend and demand of the age.

Manufacturing and managing to maintain existing features are essential; however, we are always proud of not being satisfied with what we have and always attempting to explore for the solution.


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    Business content

    Using our product continuously is the proof of the belief in our product.
    Taiyo Brush's toothbrush product has occupied up to 1/12 quantity of this type of product at Japan market.

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    With the unification from manufacturing to the launch of products to market, we will always meet the customers’ requirements.

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    Quality control

    Japanese quality is for customers all over the world. We will continue providing high quality products for dental and oral care.

Japanese Quality Sun Pearl

In southeast Asia so far, large head toothbrushes manufactured by leading companies with capability to brush effectively are preferred by the customers; therefore we have also developed our own products on this basis.
The bristles are specifically designed with a flat bristle interleaved with a thin-and-pointed head bristle. The thin-and-pointed head bristles will help remove stains between the teeth and gums while the flat bristles can remove stains on the teeth surface.
The products are made with various types including: Soft, Slightly Soft, with 4 colors: blue, green, yellow, pink.
By establishing the similar production environment to production plant at our headquarters in Japan, we are able to bring you products of Japanese quality with low price.


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