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Please read our privacy policy guidelines carefully before continuing.
After agreeing to the content, please fill in required sections of the form below and press the button 「confirm to input」.

mark refers to sections required to be filled in

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※The information cannot be sent in case of disagreement.

Principles of privacy policy

When this page is in use, with the aim to ensure and respect the privacy of customers, we are committed to giving careful consideration to personal information, carrying out careful management and security.

【Purposes of using personal information】

a) To provide service to meet our customer's needs.
b) To answer the questions given form the customers.
Our company will not use the personal information for other purposes without the confirmation of the provider.

  • ・Both employees of the company and related manufacturing units will be under supervision to ensure that the information doesn’t leak.
  • ・Absolutely not provide the information to any third party without the consent of the provider.
  • ・Display information as required by the provider.
  • ・Our company will make changes or delete personal information already publicized if it differs from the actual facts.