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Taiyo Brush's toothbrush product has occupied up to 1/12 quantity of this type of product at Japan market.OEM products for dental and oral care - let it be Taiyo Brush.

From the foundation, over the past 90 years, with the commitment to Japanese quality, we have developed a variety of products for dental and oral care. This is absolutely the confidence of the result for continuously satisfying all the needs of customers.In addition, to be in conformity with the enterprise order at the company, we are able to manufacture and produce OEM products. Please contact with us first.

OEM Process

OEM Process

Our company will cooperate with customers to complete the set of product.
If having any expectation related to products or time for delivery, please don’t
hesitate to let us know.


OEM Example


Produce souvenirs to deliver to customers and personnel.

Genuine brushes which celebrates you for each time for brushing teeth.

From an enterprise obtaining ISO Certificate, we have been requested for souvenir production. Therefore, to produce a genuine product, we has applied multicolor techniques to the manufacturing of toothbrushes. With brish bristles of various colors, the main message of product is not completely highlighted. However, as a genuine toothbrush that always brings a happy feeling each time you brush your teeth. We have received so much fondness and many positive responses from customers.


Deliver to regular customers with “the most unprecedented products”.

Three-color interdental brushes with the image of the flag of France.

From an enterprise processing French groceries, we have been requested for manufacturing “inspired from the flag of France and dyeing brush bristles with three colors”; however, with the machinery and equipment ever, it is impossible to use various colors for interdental brush bristles. Therefore, we have started to develop the kind of machinery that enables multicolor dyeing. It is such an extremely hard and difficult operation, but when trying, we have found out defects and been successful in productization. Such original and unprecedented products will certainly become well-known for all customers.


Manufacture “Toothbrushes for kids” to deliver to nursery schools.

Toothbrushes with characteristic and abundant designs.

We have been requested for manufacturing “Toothbrushes for children” to deliver to nursery schools. The main point in developing this kind of product is youthful design and easy to use. Toothbrushes for children of our company is easy for children to use and very popular; therefore, the kids at nursery schools can enjoy a wonderful time for brushing their teeth.
For Taiyo Brush, it is possible to print name of the enterprise, personality, etc., on brush handles and consider it as a gift and a document for product advertisement. What if you can use genuine brushes every day?


Other than above, we will manufacture products, such as brushes for dentures, brushes for pets. First of all, please feel comfortable to discuss with us!